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Bridget Bowie

After an early career in teaching Art & Design, Bridget became a full time professional artist. Returning to University in 2006 to pursue an MA in Art as Environment.

She is passionate about engaging students of all ages in the creative process and motivated by the challenge of helping children and staff to discover their creative potential through exploration and experimentation with different materials.

She has very varied experience of delivering workshops to adults and children, both in school, and in the wider Community, and has been involved with the ‘Entitlement’ project for Cheshire Primary Schools since 2005.

Many other projects have included well-being work with the Stroke association and Children’s centres, and volunteer work with the Charity ‘Speight of the Art’ who coordinate and deliver Arts events for Children. She also worked for Curious Minds during 2010 to deliver projects as part of the Creative Partnerships Scheme.

She has a tactile way of working using paper, surfaces and stitch and has used these processes to inspire many. Her most recent work in schools has included manipulated paper historical and national dress, body adornment, textile hangings, ‘aspirational’ collage, legacy pieces and mixed media installations, all tailored to the Schools individual requirements.

Many of the projects I work on, involve transferable skills, which can easily be used by the teaching staff at a later stage’.  Being a qualified teacher also means she is well equipped to offer INSET training for teachers, having an understanding of constraints, as well as a wide knowledge of the Curriculum. She has also written for the on-line magazine Education Plus. She has experience of working with Autistic children and those with emotional and behavioural issues.

Exhibiting regularly with Cheshire Textiles, her own work currently deals with issues of loss, investigating narrative through the use of negative and positive space, and an interest in significant objects. I explore these themes through the use of paper, stitch, print, light and installation.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award AHOEC Gold Standard Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge Adventuremark Adventure Activities Licencing Authority

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