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A popular outdoor sport, it possible to enjoy the activity at a number of levels, ranging from just splashing about in the white water on a board, to catching clean green waves. There are a many technical skills involved in surfing, ranging from balance, to timing and wave awareness; not just the 'skill' of looking cool.

Surfing originates from the Pacific islands and is an increasingly popular sport that involves being dressed up in a full wetsuit and standing up on your surfboard whilst riding the waves into the beach. As we are based on the Isle of Anglesey we have access to some great friendly surfing beaches which are ideal for introducing participants to the activity. It is an exciting environment and one which allows you to get very close to nature. The sense of achievement when you manage to ride your first wave into the beach is one that stays with you for a long time. Whilst surfing is an individual challenge it is one which also requires the help and support of your fellow group members.

The groups will be taught by our teachers with an emphasis on group safety and buddy systems. Surfing focuses on perseverance, motivation and environmental awareness. A full day out allows for a progressive structured session and the best chance of success. It is an activity suitable for Year 5 upwards.

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