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Kayaking is a good activity for those wishing to develop independent learning; it involves a number of specific skills such as balance, timing and movement awareness. Kayak skills are developed in a variety of ways by our teachers; these can range from games and fun challenges to an element of journeying.

Whilst using modern single kayaks, people soon realise that this activity certainly challenges them as individuals; needing patience, perseverance and an ability to gain confidence. There is certainly an opportunity to inspire and give an insight into an activity that could become a lifelong interest.

The activity is commonly known as canoeing to many people, kayaks were originally developed by the Inuit as a craft for hunting on the open sea, it has now developed into a multi-faceted sport allowing you to explore lakes, rivers, waterways and the sea. Our kayaks are single person craft which are controlled by a twin bladed paddle. We have access to a wide variety of venues, from the shelter of our own private dock on the Menai Strait, to the lakes and rivers in Snowdonia and as we are based on an island, an extensive coastline. Indeed, the Anglesey coastline offers some of the most inspiring sea kayaking scenery to be found anywhere in the UK. Individual challenge is high with this activity, but group work still plays an important part with students often working in buddy pairs or larger groups to allow exploration of the environment and often complete a journey.

There is often a concern from participants that they will ‘get stuck’ if they capsize, thankfully the days of the Inuit being sewn into their kayaks are long gone and modern designs ensure you drop straight out of the kayak if you should find yourself up the wrong way!