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Climbing Wall

Climbing is an exhilarating and developing sport that can be tackled at all levels of ability and allows participants to ‘push’ themselves at their own pace once the basics have been learnt. When roped up, it certainly requires a great amount of courage and determination to achieve the hardest climbs. New climbing walls are being built in many areas of the country and people are developing skills and a taste for an activity that is challenging, energetic and fun.

Conway Centres: Anglesey has its own purpose built climbing wall which offers a range of achievable challenges for groups of all abilities. Indoor climbing involves using artificial holds to make progress either vertically or horizontally (when it is often termed traversing or bouldering), there is an emphasis on looking after each other through ‘spotting’ (looking after each other whilst traversing & bouldering) and ‘belaying’ (holding each others ropes). It is an activity which can be pursued throughout the year, even in the worst North Wales weather!

Indoor climbing lends itself to looking at the issues of responsibility, trust and confidence whilst working in pairs and small groups. Sessions are taught in a very progressive manner enabling a real sense of achievement and a pace which reflects the needs of the group.

Conway Centres: Anglesey has access to excellent rock climbing venues in North Wales for those wishing to take their group into the outdoor environment. We also use other local indoor climbing facilities depending on the objectives of the group.

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