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Gorge Scrambling

An amazing means of exploring rugged rocky ravines and their plunging streams and pools; gorge scrambling tackles some of the most spectacular ravines in Snowdonia. One has to thread a cautious trail, under the supervision of one of our teachers, along the smooth slippery river beds, clambering around huge eroded boulders; and in the summer months wade through cold streams and even plunge into deep pools. 

This is one of the most popular full-day adventure activities at Conway Centres: Anglesey and it is ideal for mixed ability groups that are prepared to get wet. Each member of the group will have plenty of opportunity to push themselves, as far as they feel happy to, as well as encouraging others to do the same.

The emphasis on the day is very much on group cooperation with challenges made progressively more interesting as the day goes on, allowing confidence to be built and inspiring a sense of team spirit. The often new and challenging environment found in the gorge can lead to peak educational experiences and a genuine sense of achievement at the end of the day. It invariably involves getting wet to some extent, requiring rock climbing techniques and the safety of a rope to progress at some points, all in the beautiful natural environment of a river system which has eroded its way down to the sea creating some fantastic scenery in the process.

We use a variety of venues depending on the conditions and the nature of the group. Gorge scrambling is suitable for Year 4 upwards.

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