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This is a great way to find out how we can manage to survive in our natural surroundings with very little equipment. In simple terms, the starting point of bushcraft is to learn how we can live within our environment, using only the bare essentials. It allows us to realise that it is possible for us to 'survive' in the outdoors and have minimal effect on the landscape, plants and creatures around us. The activity may also allow us to realise that we can pool resources, improvise, innovate and adapt to surmount the problems that we may face.

Bushcraft is a justifiably popular activity throughout the Service, bushcraft engages participants in the ‘back to basics’ skills which are slowly being lost in this increasingly technological world. The woodland in Conway Centres: Anglesey grounds and the woodland of Delamere Forest provide  perfect bushcraft venues and a sense of being in contact with nature. With role models such as Ray Mears & Bear Grylls appearing regularly on television it is exceptionally worthwhile to give an opportunity for students to emulate and practice what they have seen. During a session participants learn about the practicalities of creating shelters and making fires through guided experiential learning. Depending on the type of group and your aims, this might then progress to the safe use of knives, basic cooking skills or even a night out under the stars.

Given a full activity day and appropriate numbers, bushcraft can be successfully 'bolted on' to another activity for even better use of activity time. Using bushcraft alongside canoeing or another journeying context for example, can produce an even better experience for students and keep interest levels very high indeed.

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