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You know you shouldn’t be doing this, swinging out and stepping backwards off a cliff top. Courage and determination are needed, as well as the centre teachers keeping you safe and helping you win through. Getting to the bottom lets you feel the terrific sense of personal achievement and realise the power of encouragement from the group as well as understanding that there can be benefit from taking on challenges.

You will be controlling the speed of descent, but all participants are backed up with a safety rope, thus allowing them to concentrate fully on the challenge facing them! By pushing themselves, participants help to develop confidence and self esteem through facing up to fears, rationalising and overcoming them. It also involves elements of teamwork through helping each other with harness fitting and creating a supportive environment.

Abseiling can be achieved throughout the year by all age groups, the staff throughout all five centres will tailor a suitable venue for your group depending on the level of challenge required and the prevailing conditions. Abseiling can be combined with a day out at a local rock climbing venue offering scope for further challenge and learning opportunities.

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