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Environmental Studies - Conway Centres: Anglesey

Field Studies have been delivered by the Conway Centres: Anglesey for many years. The Centre is located on Anglesey and has easy access to many coastal environments such as dunes, cliffs and salt-marshes; the way in which these various environments have been managed is also of great interest.

A few miles away are the mountains of Snowdonia; these provide us with tremendous opportunities to study such topics as glaciations, rivers and the impact tourism – just to name a few topics.

Even in our immediate environment, we have a wonderful assortment of landscapes that can provide schools with a number of schemes for study. At the centre, the opportunities for studying the natural environment are varied as is the means taken to collect the information. We can provide staff to direct the pupils through their studies; or we can also provide schools with a pack which they can use to complete their study on a self staffed basis.


On our section of shoreline along the Menai Straits, a proposed Marine Nature Reserve, we often undertake Rocky Shore studies, Beach Transects, Adaptation and Zonation studies. Primary schools can undertake a pollution study; however, they can also study the Rocky Shore as a self staffed study, and our study pack will direct staff through the work.


Afon Braint, only a short distance from the centre is a great venue for studying such topics as Stream Pollution. The river is also perfect for Stream Flow analysis, providing a good and safe site for pupils to carry out the work. The Stream Pollution study can also include a role play activity as well as direction and ideas for possible comparison study with a stream back at the schools locale.


The woods in the centre grounds are a first-rate resource. Here we can provide Primary schools with such formats as a mini-beasts study, a general look at ecosystems or an in-depth study of the flora and fauna. At a higher level we can also compare and contrast Coniferous to Deciduous woodlands as well as look into Woodland Management for example. We can also provide studies that allow pupils an in depth look at the ecology of a deciduous and/or conifer woodland including soil analysis.


We have two ponds at the centre, one ‘open’ pond is actually on the Centre field and access is very quick, the ‘woodland’ pond is only a couple of hundred metres away. Schools can carry out a pond ecology study; this can be done at a variety of levels from Key Stage 2 up to 4. Also a very good comparison study can be made between the ponds, this again can be presented at differing levels.

Menai Straits

Schools can use our launches and undertake such activities as a Plankton Trawl, this provides a great opportunity of introducing the ecosystem and its complexity,  this work can be followed up by classroom presentation.

  • Cave Formation
  • Channel Wrack
  • Dune Pioneer
  • Landslide
  • Llyn Bochlwyd
  • U Shaped Valley
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