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The Challenge to Biology


In planning their fieldwork, pupils will decide what questions can be investigated scientifically and also decide how to find answers. They will gain first-hand experience making systematic observations and measurements and collect this evidence using appropriate fieldwork equipment and techniques; which they will use to answer questions, making tests or comparisons or measuring the effects. Follow up work could include a wide range of methods, including diagrams, drawings, tables, bar charts, line graphs and ICT, to communicate the data in an appropriate and systematic manner. Thus the pupils should be able to make comparisons and identify simple patterns or associations in their own observations and measurements or other data in order to draw simple conclusions.


A number of field-studies have been developed at the centres to cover the specific elements of the Science curriculum. Apart from the study of the scientific concepts, there will also be an emphasis on personal learning and thinking skills. There will be opportunities for pupils to research, experiment, discuss and develop arguments or, even to pursue an independent enquiry into an aspect of science of personal interest. By using real-life examples as a basis for finding out about science, whether studying science in local, national or even global contexts, they will be able to appreciate the connections between these. All courses provide a direct link to the work undertaken in the classroom and will help to achieve the requirements of the syllabus. They will look at the links between the Key Concepts and Key Processes involved in the Science National Curriculum.


We have developed a range of studies to meet with the new requirements for the GCSE Controlled Assessment; whether AQA, Edexel, OCR or WJEC we can provide a course that will link directly to the work in the classroom and will help to achieve the requirements of the syllabus. Our courses will benefit students by helping their understanding of science by practical study of ideas in the field. They will attain the skills, knowledge and understanding of how science works; this is at the core of the GCSE science specifications. In all the studies, the students will use practical, communication and enquiry skills to collect data and then look at the evidence, theories and explanations as well their implications. 


These programmes have clearly stated outcomes and links to curriculum specification requirements, depending on which exam board you are following. Detailed field-study programmes have been developed for those studying Biology, at AS and A2 level, under the following exam boards; AQA, Edexel, OCR and WJEC. Before booking an AS/A level Biology fieldwork programme, please contact us for a study outline of the course as they can be produced specifically for your requirements and are often the most cost effective way of visiting any form of centre to fulfil your fieldwork needs.

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  • Undercutting and Landslides
  • Spurge and Marram
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