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The Effectiveness of Fieldwork

Successful fieldwork should be able to inspire pupils and allow teachers the opportunity to enliven their courses as well as grappling with what are often difficult topics to deliver in the classroom.

Fieldwork should:

Inquiry Centred Learning

The strength of Inquiry Centred Learning is that it allows students to become adept at scientific investigators. This approach has a number of stages, but should not be viewed as a rigid formula. The steps are as follows:

The application of the scientific inquiry process to field study and the development of a scheme for field based inquiry are all important. The strength of this approach is that it results in greater knowledge and understanding of a particular problem or issue, and also allows for explanation of a particular problem or issue leading to theory building or modelling with far greater reaching explanatory powers.

  • Wave Damage
  • Barnacles
  • Llyn Idwal
  • Marram Grass
  • Rock Bar