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Most activites can be either self staffed or you can relax and use the Service to run your sessions for you (Due to thier very nature some sessions must be run by our staff. These have been marked with *).

Animal Habits and Homes Walk

This involves studying animal habitats and homes. Can also provide an opportunity to collect your own firewood for a bonfire. 


Build a survival shelter using natural materials in the woods. 

Forest Floor Art

Make pictures on the forest floor or sculptures using only natural materials.

Willow Weaving

Weave willow fish, or petals to make a class bunch of flowers.

Problem Solving

A selection of challenges to encourage teamwork and cooperation.


Use a map to navigate round courses both close by the centre  and into the forest.

Pond/Stream Dipping

Compare and contrast the mini beasts that lurk within these two very different environments.

Tree Climbing*

Use ropes and harnesses to make your way up an ancient oak tree and get into the canopy of the forest ( 1:10 ratio).

Tyrolean Traverse*

Cross the ice age ravine in primrose woods using only the simplest of rope bridges ( 1:10 ratio).

Mountain Biking*

Head off into the forest on bikes and follow all manner of trails to suit the age and ability of the riders (1:10 ratio with additional costs to cover the hire of bikes).