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Some schools and groups come to the centre for day visits and use the centres classrooms or grounds along with the local area. For example the village enables groups to compare the area to their own locality. Other groups choose to stay at the centre for 1 night to a week and take part in a wide range of activities. Most school groups that come to the centre base their work on areas of the curriculum linked to the environment, geography and science. Although many activities are linked to P.E. and P.S.H.E. some schools also use our classroom and the outdoors for other projects, which include elements of art and music.


The Outdoor Education Service has recently created a new and exciting educational resource at the centre in the form of a life size Iron Age Celtic Roundhouse.  The Celts established Hill Forts along the Sandstone Ridge over 2000 years ago and the resource is based around those found on Archaeological Digs.

This resource provides children with the opportunity to use Primary Source materials to discover more about the local history of their home county.  Together with the Archaeological Dig experience children and teachers also have the opportunity to experience life inside a purpose built authentic roundhouse which has been built using materials and tools that the Celts would have had access to.

We use the environment of the Sandstone Ridge in conjunction with the archaeological dig to provide a cross curricular skills based teaching approach to sessions at the centre.  Groups take charge of the excavation, identification and recording of the artefacts discovered in the ground. 

Schools having used the resource have found that they work best when used as an extension to support work being done in the classroom.  It offers a high impact first experience of discovering the local history of their own environment.  The experience brings to life the History and Geography of the area and is a very practical way of learning across the curriculum.

"An excellent day, supported learning about Celts and the history of the local area.  The dig and the Roundhouse are an outstanding facility."

St Theresa's Catholic Primary School

"There is no way this could be facilitated in school, an excellent morning at the centre."

Whitegate Church of England Primary School

"We will go back to school and plan how we can fit this resource into our topic for next year."

Pear Tree Primary School