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Conway Centres: Anglesey - Special Offers

Sunday Night Special: Peak Experiences


Audience: Whole classes of Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils

Course Description:

A Special two day offer (Sunday-Monday) for teachers who want to inspire their pupils and give them the opportunity to experience the highlights of North Wales. Take a journey up Snowdon on the train and view the panorama, then pay a visit to the Llanberis Slate Museum and explore the history of the area. Complete your visit with a tour around Caernarfon Castle; a perfect example of one constructed in the reign of Edward I.

Between the end of October and March substitute the train journey up Snowdon with a journey underground in Electric Mountain to discover how electricity is produced.

Availability: A variety of dates throughout the year (contact us for latest availability).

Cost: £47 - £52 inclusive of train journey up Snowdon (dependent on whether you go to the summit or Clogwyn Station). £40 inclusive of Electric Mountain. Prices are per pupil and include accommodation, food and itinerary.

Spring Into Summer

Audience: Year 3 & 4 pupils

Course Description:

Jump from Spring into Summer with this seasonally based Performing and Visual Arts course. Encourage your pupils to discover aspects of both seasons through immersing themselves in legend, folklore and nature.

The course aims to rasie attainment and allow pupils the opportunioty to develop their confidence and practical abilities through participating in music, dance, drame and visual art. There will be opportunities for pupils to work with children from other schools and for teachers to receive INSET (CPD) as an inherent part of the delivery.

Availability: 120 spaces between - dates to be confirmed.

Cost: £99 per pupil which includes accommodation, food and tuition.



Audience: Years 3,4,5 & 6 pupils

Course Description:

This course investigates the Key Stage 2 History topic of World War II through visual art, drama, dance and music. Pupils will explore the theme collaboratively to gain a deeper, more personal understanding of how it feels to be an evacuee during the Second World War.

The course directly aims to contribute and add to the curriculum delivered in school and widen the pupils' appreciation of the issues from this period in time. Pupils will be able to take away performance pieces that can be further developed within the school context and there will be opportunities for teachers to observe how subject based issues are developed through the Arts.

Availability: 120 spaces between 5 - 7 June.

Cost: £120 per pupil which includes accommodation, food and tuition.