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Private Dock

All Centre courses have access to the Menai Strait via a private dock. The dock area has a seamanship room, a tidal swimming pool, slipway and access to a rocky beach.

Canoeing, kayaking, raft building and sailing on the Menai Strait all take place from this venue.

The dock provides a sheltered area for introductory sessions before venturing out onto the Menai Strait. The varied conditions found on the Strait make it suitable for all levels of students from beginner to expert.

The seamanship room is used as both a store and large wet classroom.

The floating pontoon and hinged access gangway is now operational.  The primary purpose of the pontoon and gangway is to ensure that people with mobility problems can access waterborne craft safely at most states of tide.  There is a person lifting hoist that can be used to assist with boarding various craft. The secondary purpose is the facility allows another point of entry to the water, which eases congestion on the slipway and allow groups to get on and off the water much more quickly.

  • Private Dock
  • Private Dock
  • pontoon hinged access gangway