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Conway Centres: Anglesey Eco-Centre Status


Conway Centres: Anglesey has a Environmental Improvement Strategy which follows the model set by the Eco-Centres/Schools project. This offers a structured way of taking environmental issues and applying  them to the day to day running of the centres. It is aimed at all staff and visitors and helps them recognise the importance of environmental issues and how it affects their lives at home and at work. We have developed our environmental plan with the help of these guide lines.   Eco-Centres have awarded Conway Centres: Anglesey the 3rd Flag.



Conway Centres: Anglesey has developed an Eco Code that is displayed throughout the centre. This code aims to maximise our energy efficiency and explains that with the help of staff and visitors doing small things such as, turning off lights, taps and closing doors and windows, can lead to significant energy reductions being achieved.

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