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Whole Year Group Courses

What makes us different to other centres is our proven experience in delivering educational courses and our interest in working around what the customer needs. We have 43 years of experience in supporting teachers in Year 7 and Year 12 induction courses and in delivering those relating to Key Stage 2 to 3 and Key Stage 3 to 4 transition (click here for mind map). Furthermore, we can help you introduce or embed educational models within your year group through excellent teaching in the Arts, Field Studies and Outdoor Education.

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Every Child Matters

We believe that residential courses at Conway Centres: Anglesey improve young peoples’ development in all five areas of the ‘Every Child Matters’ outcomes.

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The Centre is an ideal setting for launching or embedding SEAL. The five underpinning qualities and skills that are the social and emotional aspects of learning are delivered through our residential courses. Our teaching style and learning environments encourage self awareness, motivation, social skills, empathy and allow children to  manage their feelings. We have worked with several schools on launching SEAL with their Year 7 groups.

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"I do not believe there is a better week than that spent with the entire year group at Conway Centres: Anglesey. The children have so much fun gaining in confidence, independence and self belief in a relaxed and safe environment. I have staff who beg to come to Anglesey year after year. It’s a 70 hr week, full on away from their own family….so that just about says it all. It’s an enriching experience for everyone."          

Louise Robinson Head of Year 7 Bishop Heber High School (Outstanding OFSTED)

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“In Years 7 to 9, the new personal, learning and thinking skills curriculum (SEAL), projects and residential trips make learning engaging and appealing to a wide range of students.” 



From Key Stage 3 onwards we can help you  deliver Personal Learning Thinking Skills, designed by the QCA in 2007 to equip young people with the attributes and skills necessary for lifelong learning and future employment.  Intended to create successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens PLTS is enhanced by the residential experience.

Our problem solving approach and reflective style of teaching, alongside our ability to encourage young people to develop skills relating to working together will allow learners to become independent enquirers, creative thinkers, reflective learners, team workers, self managers and effective participants.