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Catering - Conway Centres: Anglesey

Healthy Eating

Conway Centres: Anglesey will provide nourishing and appetising food that is appropriate for all ages.

Our emphasis is on healthy eating and variety. All our meals are prepared freshly. We source all our meats from an award winning local butcher who also supplies the National Health Service and local schools. Our local greengrocer provides us daily with the freshest salads, vegetables and fruits.

We provide cooked breakfasts, lunches and evening meals every day with vegetarian options and both hot and cold desserts. In addition we provide a self-service salad bar plus a selection of fresh fruit and low fat yoghurts.

We are accustomed to dealing with all guests' dietary needs including guests suffering from allergic reactions to different types of food. We can of course devise specific menu options to meet all dietary requirements including religious and ethical considerations.

"I would just like to thank you for providing my son with fabulous meals when he visited recently. It is not easy to accommodate his coeliac/diabetic diet when he is away from home but he returned fit, healthy and well fed thanks to your efforts. He had a great time at Conway Centres: Anglesey and has come back full of praise towards the whole experience so once again, thank you."

  Mrs Haynes

Food Safety

Conway Centres: Anglesey has developed and adopted food safety policies and procedures that meet legal requirements and industry best practice to achieve its objectives.

Conway Centres: Anglesey is committed to providing food to our clients and customers which is safe to eat and meets the high expectations of our customers. It recognises and accepts its responsibility to comply with the food safety requirements of current legislation and industry standards.

To see the Food Standard Agency food hygine rating for Conway Centre - Click Here.